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That War Server

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That War Server

Post by [MLs]Godfather on Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:04 pm

That War Server

he beginning:
The Power Struggle of
Northern San Andreas has ended.
USB is now known as The Blue Empire.

The leader of the Extreme Force Army, [EFA]Godfather, could not take the pressures of life anymore.
He took his own life with his Golden Desert Eagle, to the surprise of his fellow soldiers.

Shortly after his death, EFA's leadership was given to Godfather's right hand man, [EFA]Windows7.
[EFA]Windows7 led the army for a short period of time, before deciding to leave the war for a better life.
He purchased a peaceful cabin in the mountains, and lived there quietly while EFA fell apart elsewhere.

During this time, some EFA soldiers put down their guns and stopped fighting
while others continued to fight, unsuccessfully, as they had no leader to guide them.

Soon, the location of [EFA]Windows7's mountain cabin was discovered by The United Soldiers Battalion.
A unit led by Commander Jedi himself stealthily approached the cabin and made their way inside.
It was here that the execution of [EFA]Windows7 took place, solidifying the downfall of EFA.

After the execution, many EFA soldiers went into hiding.
It was at this time that Commander Jedi gave the state-wide order to hunt down all the surviving EFA.
This was to be done by any means necessary. When located, they are to be given a choice.
The choice is simple: Join The Empire of USB or die.

Many people would not admit that EFA was defeated.
They would not recognize their new leader.
They met their end accordingly.

Some soldiers were spared.
They understood that they had been defeated
These soldiers were respected for their display
of loyalty and were given employment within USB.

Some soldiers would not join USB at all.
This was because of their friendships that they had with other EFA.
This caused a lot of grief and sadness for soldiers during this time.
But a soldier cannot pick up a rifle without expecting these things to happen.

Sooner or later, all EFA became USB.. Or they died.

Now Hamza is the son of Godfather he will lead a clan named That Warriors, he will help out the leader of the Empire: That_Jedi_Emperror, Agains't the rebels, The story begins and Hamza need's some members in his own clan, He is demanding to MLS to join the clan of Hamza's clan (Me).
Thanks you everybody here's the link of the site, apply for it Smile Of course if you are interested:
Note: YOu must be registred to see it
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